Garment care

Your purchase has been packaged with great care to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that your purchase is not up to standard upon receipt please inform us at immediately and we will advise you on what to do next.


Please refer to the individual garment labels for full garment care instructions.

General tips: 

Always wash light items separately to ensure they stay bright.

Do not use too much detergent. Too much detergent can damage our materials, and it is better for the environment to use less.

If you have purchased an item with a hand wash label, it is recommended that you hand wash the item in warm water, using a little non-bio detergent. Rinse well in fresh warm water, press the remaining water out with your hands and leave to drip-dry.

If your item is machine washable – as many of our products are – please wash as per the label. While many of our items can be washed at higher temperatures we recommend a 30 degree wash simply because uses less energy. Laundry in general contributes a surprising amount to your carbon footprint. The less often you wash, the better for the environment and the longer your product will last.

For swimwear: 

Rinse thoroughly after each wear, long term exposure to chlorinated water may affect the quality of the garment.

To avoid fading/discolouration do not dry in direct sunlight.

Be careful when applying moisturisers or sun creams as these can affect the garments.

Wearing swimwear in a sauna can be tricky as perspiration can adversely affect the elasthane in your garment.


If you have any further enquiries regarding the care of your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at