Size guide

There are many size guides on the internet and women are constantly being told that they are wearing the wrong bra size. We strongly believe that first and foremost you need to feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie.
It actually isn’t very hard to determine your own bra size if you don’t know it. Start by putting on your favourite unpadded bra.
Put a measuring tape all the way around your chest, directly underneath your breasts. For this the measuring tape should be quite snug. This is your underbust measurement.
Next put the tape all the way around the fullest part of your breasts – this can be above, below or on the nipple. The tape needs to be a little looser than before. This is your cup measurement.
Find your underbust measurement on the chart below to determine your back size. Then slide down in the same column to find your corresponding cup size.
Cup sizes vary depending on the back size, sometimes it helps to try a smaller back and larger cup size if the bra seems to be the correct size, but just doesn’t feel right.